Starry Universe

Photoshoot : 

Pom pom your belt oh! bag. Girl power forever <3 join the club, get yours now! #love

Shoot : – Credits go to:

Styling/Photography: Heich Josefien for HLAOTVEE / Creative Direction: Simoni Papaefstathiou & Heich Josefien / Models:  Lana Graven & Anya Rubina / Hair: Marianna Papanastasiou for La Mirada Hair/ Makeup : Penny Constantinou / Location: HLAOTVEE


Belt bags:

The new limited edition collection of Belt Bags is here! Belt bags are the latest trend, and can be worn with sporty or chic outfits.

The bags are made from cotton, lurex and fancy yarns. The main colour of the collection is black and it is combined with pastel colours, to create the ‘Universe’ effect. The patterns of the handwoven fabrics are tweed and zic zacs.

You can hold the bags as clutch bags as well or use any belt such as a leather belt or a chain belt to wear it. (They are sold with a black belt). The tassels and pom poms can be removed from the bag and can be used as key rings!



For the Backpacks I used a mixture of yarns, such as cotton, glittery and fancy yarns, and for the first time I used my own handspun yarn, that I made from beautiful fibers from Spin City UK!

The handspun yarn is : from the softest merino 70s in shades of city sky pink, turquoise, and dusk purple blended with super soft black Alpaca , glittering copper angelina ,white faux cashmere, fin sheep and sprinkles of starry white felted wool bobbles.